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Mrs. Dashwood could think of no other question, and Thomas and thetablecloth, now alike needless, were soon afterwards dismissed.Marianne had already sent to say, that she should eat nothing more.Mrs. Dashwood's and Elinor's appetites were equally lost, and Margaretmight think herself very well off, that with so much uneasiness as bothher sisters had lately experienced, so much reason as they had oftenhad to be careless of their meals, she had never been obliged to gowithout her dinner before reenex cps .

When the dessert and the wine were arranged, and Mrs. Dashwood andElinor were left by themselves, they remained long together in asimilarity of thoughtfulness and silence. Mrs. Dashwood feared tohazard any remark, and ventured not to offer consolation. She nowfound that she had erred in relying on Elinor's representation ofherself; and justly concluded that every thing had been expresslysoftened at the time, to spare her from an increase of unhappiness,suffering as she then had suffered for Marianne reenex cps .

 She found that shehad been misled by the careful, the considerate attention of herdaughter, to think the attachment, which once she had so wellunderstood, much slighter in reality, than she had been wont tobelieve, or than it was now proved to be. She feared that under thispersuasion she had been unjust, inattentive, nay, almost unkind, to herElinor;--that Marianne's affliction, moreimmediately before her, had too much engrossed her tenderness, and ledher away to forget that in Elinor she might have a daughter sufferingalmost as much, certainly with less self-provocation reenex cps, and greaterfortitude.