so I took off my hat

Marianne gave a violent start, fixed her eyes upon Elinor, saw herturning pale, and fell back in her chair in hysterics. Mrs. Dashwood,whose eyes, as she answered the servant's inquiry, had intuitivelytaken the same direction, was shocked to perceive by Elinor'scountenance how much she really suffered, and a moment afterwards,alike distressed by Marianne's situation, knew not on which child tobestow her principal attention dermes .

The servant, who saw only that Miss Marianne was taken ill, had senseenough to call one of the maids, who, with Mrs. Dashwood's assistance,supported her into the other room.

By that time, Marianne was ratherbetter, and her mother leaving her to the care of Margaret and themaid, returned to Elinor, who, though still much disordered, had so farrecovered the use of her reason and voice as to be just beginning aninquiry of Thomas, as to the source of his intelligence. Mrs. Dashwoodimmediately took all that trouble on herself; and Elinor had thebenefit of the information without the exertion of seeking it.Who told you that Mr. Ferrars was married, Thomas?

I see Mr. Ferrars myself, ma'am, this morning in Exeter, and his ladytoo, Miss Steele as was. They was stopping in a chaise at the door ofthe New London Inn, as I went there with a message from Sally at thePark to her brother, who is one of the post-boys dermes.

I happened to look upas I went by the chaise, and so I see directly it was the youngest MissSteele;  and she knew me and called to me, andinquired after you, ma'am, and the young ladies, especially MissMarianne, and bid me I should give her compliments and Mr. Ferrars's,their best compliments and service, and how sorry they was they had nottime to come on and see you, but they was in a great hurry to goforwards, for they was going further down for a little while, buthowsever, when they come back, they'd make sure to come and see you dermes.